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Some fun (and some useful) internet resources for mediators

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Here are some fun video clips and other resources relating to mediation which might be useful - or at least amusing. It's a developing list, so do let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Mediation Clips & Links

Latest CEDR Audit (2023)

CEDR Model Documents

CEDR Podcasts

Demo of a commercial mediation (but missing a lot of the process)

Brene Brown on Blame

BBC radio play on mediation – “Behind closed doors” series

Amy Cuddy on body language (Your body language shapes who you are) TED Talk

Mick Jagger demonstrating mediation skills

Chris Moore on Problem-Solving v. Transformative Mediators

Julia Shaw TED talk on false memories

William Ury TED talk on conflict

Brad Heckman – fun TEDx talk about mindfulness in mediation

(He’s pinched my Columbo analogy!)

Bill Wood KC on Reality Testing – Brilliant! Very funny.

Bill Wood KC on the benefits of opening meetings

The Human Factor (2019) - documentary film about middle east peace negotiations. Very interesting insights from the mediators. The full film is currently available on Netflix.

Here is a trailer.

Kluwer Mediation Blog - excellent articles on mediation from around the world.

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