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The costs of litigation can quickly spiral out of control, often out of all proportion to the value of the property or claim in question.    I am committed to providing a professional way of resolving disputes as a reasonable cost.  

I am on the Civil & Commercial Mediator Panels of a number of mediation provider organisations.   If you book me through them they will carry out the preparatory work to arrange the mediation including negotiating the fees.   

If you book me directly I do not charge for the initial telephone conversations with either of the parties, their lawyers or other representatives to determine whether the matter is appropriate for mediation and to make the initial arrangements.   

Thereafter my fees are negotiated in relation to the value of the dispute and the work involved.   I keep my overheads low and you will find my rates very competitive.    


My normal fees are inclusive of preparation time, travel (within the UK) and other expenses.   VAT is added at the standard rate.  

Call or email me for a free initial consultation to see if I can help.

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