Civil & Commercial Mediator

Barrister, business adviser and dedicated mediator with the patience and expertise to deal with seemingly intractable disputes and cases with a high emotional content.

Based in Herefordshire, but practising nationwide.

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CEDR Accredited Mediator


ADR Group Accredited Mediator

Mediation Trainer


SFEDI Accredited Business Adviser

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"You have dealt with mediations on two of my cases so far and I would like to say that on each occasion you have been a first-class mediator.   You have quickly established considerable trust with my clients, due to your personable and empathetic manner.   You have mastered the brief on each occasion thoroughly.   You've been adept at asking the right questions at the right time, and in each case you pushed it on purposefully but sensitively towards settlement.    I look forward to referring cases to you for mediation in future."

Solicitor, Birmingham